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It was 40 years ago today…

Whew! ...if I would have been there I would say that time went so fast… Unfortunately I spend my youth in the 90ies and current decade. I think I would have been down and out as every other fan at that time, I wouldn’t have understood. Now I think I do. It wouldn’t have been good anymore anyway. There are several reasons if you ask me. It wasn’t only Yoko or something like that. It only began when Brian died. Every one of them went in different directions. Sure it would have been great if they had lasted another 10 years or longer, but (as I recently learned) the Rolling Stones still exist just because they don’t speak to each other! And I wouldn’t want that for the guys who loved each other so dearly in the past.

So to finish this infamous anniversary here are a couple of quotes by the Beatles on The Beatles (transcripted from the Anthology):  

Ringo: “It was magical. There were some really loving, caring moments between four people. A hotel room here and there. A really amazing closeness, just… (sighs) four guys who really loved each other. It was pretty sensational.” 

George: “They gave their money and they gave their screams, but the Beatles gave their nervous systems, which is a much more difficult thing to give.”

Paul: “I’m really glad that most of the songs dealt with love, peace, understanding. You know, they really did. If you look back, there’s hardly any one says ‘Go on kids, tell them to sod off, leave your parents’. It’s all very ‘All you need is love’ or John’s ‘Give peace a chance’. There was very good spirit behind it all.” 

John: “It’s just natural. It’s not a great disaster. People keep talking as if it’s the end of the earth. It’s only a rock group that split up, it’s nothing important. You have all the old records there if you want to reminisce.”

John: “We were just a band who made it very, very big, that’s all.”



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